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Canada's New Work Permit for H-1B Visa Holders Attracts Overwhelming Response

In a move that has garnered immense attention, the Canadian government recently unveiled a groundbreaking initiative that allows 10,000 H-1B visa holders from the United States to work in Canada. The program, that was expected to benefit skilled Indian professionals, has witnessed an unprecedented response, surpassing its target on the very first day of its launch.

The doors for applications to the new work permit for H-1B visa holders were opened on July 16, and the response was nothing short of astounding. The International Relations and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) reported an overwhelming influx of applicants, leading to the prompt closure of the application process.

Successful applicants under this program will be granted an open work permit, enabling them to work for any employer across Canada for a period of up to three years. The flexibility of this permit is expected to attract numerous highly skilled professionals to contribute their expertise in various sectors within the country. Furthermore, the spouses and dependents of the approved applicants will also have the opportunity to apply for a temporary resident visa, along with work or study permits as required.

The motivation behind this groundbreaking initiative stems from the recent wave of layoffs in prominent US-based companies, such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. Numerous foreign-born workers, including a significant percentage of Indian IT professionals, have unfortunately lost their jobs during these unsettling times. According to reports from US media outlets, the number of IT workers laid off since November last year has reached a staggering 200,000, with Indian professionals accounting for around 30 to 40 percent of the total.

Canada's move to welcome these skilled individuals not only aims to offer them new opportunities but also aligns with the country's objective of fostering innovation and growth through diverse talent from around the world. By providing a conducive environment for talented professionals to thrive, Canada solidifies its position as a global leader in attracting skilled workers and nurturing a dynamic workforce.

As the application process for this particular program is now closed, the successful candidates eagerly await their chance to contribute their expertise and enrich the Canadian workforce, making significant strides in their careers while contributing to the country's continued progress.



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